Make money from the stock market for we must have a lot of knowledge.The stock market is a market in which shares of companies are bought and sold, millions of people do Share Market as a full time job in which they analyze companies and the company whose shares are getting at a lower price. They buy the stock and when the share price of that company increases, they earn profit by selling it.

There are mainly 2 ways to earn money from stock market. Trading and Investing


Trading is done to buy and sell a stock by taking advantage of the small buoyancy that comes in the price of a share. Trading is done for short time intervals, but trading is done by people who make quick money. Keep thinking

Depending on the time interval, trading can be of many types such as: Scalping, Intraday, Swing and Positional Trading. To earn money by mastering trading, it is important to have an understanding of Price Action, Chart Pattern and various Indicator of a Share

How To Earn Money From Trading

1. For which stock to take trade, do complete research and wait for the right time and then take the trade.

2. Learn Technical Analysis Take the help of Price Action, Chart Pattern and Indicator to take a successful trade.

3. Initially, Margin na Le Margin is a loan that a broker provides. Trading is a Zero Sum Game. Due to margin, the entire money can also be sunk.

4. Stoploss and Target must stop Stop Loss Loss from increasing and keep the target Profit safe. 5. Trade according to the trend, remember Trend is your friend in the market. Never trade against Trend.


Investing is a game of power of compounding. Investing does not aim to make quick money. The Investing involves finding a stock that is undervalued right now and has the potential to multiply in the future.

In Investing, a stock is bought with the thinking of Buy And Forget and after several years when the price of that share increases by several times, it is sold and earned Profit. To make money from Investing, it is necessary to have knowledge of Fundamental Companies

How To Earn Money From Investing

1. Fundamental Research of Stocks Investigate the company’s Product, Sales, Profit and how much debt the company has. Be sure to analyze the company’s Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement and Cash Flow Statement.

2. Penny stocks away from Penny Stock are stocks that are priced around Rs 2-5.

3. Do not put all the money in one share, but invest your money in 10 to 15 companies of different sectors and make a good portfolio.

4. Make the right Asset Allocation, ie decide how much to invest in which stock, do not invest too much or too little in any share.

5. Do not invest all the money at once, rather buy and average on every Dip of Share.

How to buy share from share market

There is two Indian Stock Market in our country to buy Share in Share Market.

1. BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange)

2. NSE (National Stock Exchange)

In today’s time, we can buy shares from the stock market very easily with the help of our trading account sitting at home.As soon as we buy shares from a trading account, within a few minutes, shares come inside our Demat Account.And if we want to sell shares, just open your Demat Account and place an order on the stock exchange from the trading account.Very easily, you can sell your stock in no time.

As soon as our Sell is executed in the stock exchange, shares are immediately deducted from our Demat Account. And all the money including profits get into our Demat Account.With the help of today’s technology, we can very easily link all our accounts with each other. And you can earn money comfortably without working hard.

Share market tips

1. Never invest in the stock market without knowing anything. First take complete information, understand the stock market well and then invest money in it.

2. Be sure to think about long term investment in the stock market, because it is sure to get profit. Intraday trading can earn more money in less time but there is risk in it. You may also suffer loss in this. Therefore, do long term investment only.

3. Always set a fixed price for your stock to sell.

4. Before buying shares of any company or investing money in the stock market, do research and planning.

5. Look at the management of any company’s shares you are buying, look at its old records and also consider the changes that will happen in the future. Keep watching the market slowdown and boom.

6. You should always keep in mind that only invest your extra money in the stock market.

7. Do not buy a lot of shares of a company in one go. You can buy shares of companies from different sectors bit by bit.

8. You can buy shares of any company in the stock market, but initially you should buy shares of the same company that you know.

9. Fear of loss in the stock market and the greed to let the stock rise even after the target price increases, can put you in trouble. Therefore, work in your senses and stay away from greed.

10. Stock purchase – Time Waste should not be done at all while selling. As soon as your stock reaches the target price, sell it immediately. Do not wait for the share price to rise further.

two types of accounts are required to be opened.

1. Trading Account:

Trading Account Kya Hai trading account is an account from which we buy and sell shares, this account opens a stock broker Trading account has to be linked with your Saving Bank Account so that you can add money to it. And buy and sell shares.

2. Demat Account:

Demat Account Kya Hai Whenever we buy share in stock market, Demat Account is necessary to protect the Shares purchased. Deposit Account Participant opens demat account from Depository Participant Can not get it done, but after filling the form to the broker, he opens your Dmate account.

Open Trading And Demat Account Online Step By Step

Step 1. First of all, you have to choose a broker with whom you can open your Trading and Demat Account.

Step 2. After selecting Broker, go to the broker website and click on Create New Account or Open New Account and login by entering your name, mobile number and email address.

Step 3. After login, he will ask you for your Pan Card Number, which is filled and click on Continue.

Now after few hours your account will be opened

How much money can a share market minimum start?

If you also feel that the stock market is only for the money and you need a lot of money to invest in the stock market, then let me tell you that you can start with very little money.The minimum amount to be invested in the share market depends on the price of the share you want to buy.In fact, if you buy a stock that costs 50 rupees and its trading lot is 1, then you can start from 50 rupees (brokerage and charges separately).

The minimum price of your investment will depend on the price of the company whose shares you want to buy in the current market.And how many shares is the trading lot for that stock. So the price of your Minimum Invest will be the price of the chosen share according to its lot.

How to make money from stock market

If you are investing for the first time in the stock market and you do not have much experience of it, then you will have to work very carefully.If you want to earn Profit then do not hurry to invest money. Start with less money so that if there is any mistake then you do not have to bear much damage.

Now we know some tips so that you can get some help to invest and earn money in the stock market.However, it is said that there is a problem in the stock market to stay away from tips. This is because if you invest money solely on these tips, without taking full information about that company and this work, then you may also suffer loss.











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